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RONGKAI Herb. develops special partnership with several universities or research institutions and farmers in cultivation of medicinal herbs, a work performed with GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) system.
The company has established laboratory with modern facilities for development of tissue culture technology, so as to be capable in producing medicinal plant seeds of high standard quality constantly.
Medicinal herbs cultivation with high standard quality of seeds in done through joint partnership with farmers and universities or a well known research institutions on soils considered proper for such as plants. All phases of the medicinal plants cultivation, from breeding through planting, harvesting, and post harvest processing until the formulation processes, are documented diligently in batch cultivation process record so as to be easily traced if there is irregularities in the genetic and quality of the raw material produced.

Efficacy Analysis

The research regarding the natural extract, organic compound & bionic compound separation, a structure analysis, a quantitative analysis and a physical & chemical nature
→ Field Research
1. Standard and test method development of materials.
2. Establishing natural index elements and analysis.
3. Stability test of natural extract.
4. The clinical research that needs other analysis.

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