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Huzhou Rongkai Foliage Extract Co.,Ltd

was established in 1995, with 2000 square meters of factory buildings, total assets of 60 million and employees of 80 people, which is a high-tech enterprise combining research, production and sales. We now mainly engage in further development of foliage extract, extracting effective constituents from flowers, fruits and foliages using modern biotechnology and equipment. Rongkai is committed to the principles of natural and healthy products, deliberately presenting four kinds of plant essence, plant extract, extract powder, extractum and monosome. We have main products like 300 tons/year of Tea Polyphenol from green tea(30%-99%), 10 tons/year of Catechin (EC, EGCG, ECG, GCG), 50 tons/year of Rose Extract Powder and Extractum, 50 tons/year of Mulberry Extract and Extractum, 50 tons/year of Lucidum Extract, 50tons/year of Eucommia Extract and 200 tons/year of Cistanche Extract.

During the past ten year,we insisted the principle “make success from high quality”.and our products are exactly controlled from raw materials to final products.

We own modernizated production equipment and technology such as UF,RO,UHT,AP and insist to keep the most natural and healthy component of plant at the maximum degree. Also the accuracy of data is our promise for customer, we equipped advanced test equipment such like UV, HPLC, etc and absorb abundant of specialized technical talents to supervise from the raw materials to final products.

our raw material is brought up in the mountains area in Anji. With its special location. tea in Anji are worldly famous for their top quality ,because they can absorb the essential of mountain and they are absolutely pollution-free.

Advanced production and inspection equipment, specialized talent and scientific analytical method is another important guarantee of good quality.

The favorite location offers our company convenient transportation by high way and water,it provides a fast deliver and keep the quality fresh.

“Sell the best product to our customer”is the ration we were seaching for,and the past success proved it is truth.with the top quality,our products gained the approbation of every customer and they are sold so well both in domestic and outside market during the past years.

Stand on the starting point of today,we prospect our future, we have the determination and confidence to become the best supplier with our top quality products and our sincere service.


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