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  • 2011
    Recruitment high-quality marketing talent, expand the domestic and foreign sales channels
    For the expansion of production scale , marketing become to enterprise's priority. We established special marketing team in the beginning of 2011 ,prophase work smooth going at present . Try to make a new breakthrough on sales in this year.
  • 2011
    Get the health certificate in April 2011
    Through rebuild the workshop and perfect the corresponding software in recent years , we apply for health certificate from Huzhou CIQ in second half year of 2010, and get the certificate in April 2011.
  • 2010
    Built 10 thousand class purification workshop and through the acceptance in 2010.
    In order to standardize the food safe production requirements, we invest more than 4 million RMB, build a 10 thousand class sterile purification workshop, nearly 1000 square meters, in the integration of dry and packing, already through the food safety sy
  • 2009
    Rebuild the plant of wasterwater disposal in 2009.
    According to the state environmental protection administration, plant extracting enterprise in Tai-lake area ,wasterwater disposal upgrade request, we invest 60 thousand RMB again, rebuild the old project, by acceptance now. Effluent COD achieve < 50mg/L,
  • 2005
    Company go into rapid development stage.
    In order to expand production, increase product variety, we cooperate with several well-known universities to improve the process and develop new products, such as medicine research institute of zhejiang university,zhejiang industry university, lanzhou te
  • 2003
    Build the plant of wasterwater disposal in 2003 and put into use
    In 2003 year company invest 3 million ,built a plant of wasterwater disposal , can disposal the wasterwater 100 tons every month.
  • 2001
    Pass the ISO2000 quality system certification in the second half year of 2001
    Company always with the product quality as enterprise's lifeline. At that time we using the unique technology - decaffeine by water, public statements in our production process never use chloroform (so far most factories still using this solvent), allow u
  • 2000
    Make great breakthrough on sales in 2000.
    Sign a agreement with one famous foreign enterprise in Shanghai, become their supplier, in the same year we through an American company's investigation , become one of the processing base in China.
  • 1999
    Cooperate with tea research center of ministry of agriculture ,found Huzhou RongKai Foliage Extratc Co.,Ltd open laboratory in 1999.
    In the same year, introduce advanced technology ,increase production facility and testing equipment, for enterprise's survival and development, also provide the technical guarantee for high-end customer.
  • 1998
    Company change the system in the first half year of 1998
    From the collective enterprise to the private enterprise, the production facility and process still needs to improve.
  • 1995
    Founded Huzhou tea biological product Co., Ltd in 1995,belong to the village collective enterprise system
    In the beginning, the company through continuously grope and learning, difficult forward and rapid growth.