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Instant Black Tea Powder

It is processed under advanced technology with the fine black tea raw materials which are selected from Yunnan and Anhui provinces of China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and India. The final product is red brown in color, and the tea liquor is clear and bright, with fresh typical black tea taste and full-bodied fragrance.

RONGKAI provides all types of instant black tea powder to be used in traditional black tea, ice tea, milk tea and other solid form tea beverages.

Certificate of Analysis

Product Name:Instant Black Tea PowderLatin Name:Camellia Sinensis
Part used:Tea LeavesExtract Solvent:Water
Expired Used:NoneExtract Ratio: 
Representative Qty.:2375kgBatch Number: 

Report Date: May.24th

PhysicalAppearanceBrown-red PowderCompliesQ/HLF 0001S-2009
ChemicalTotal Tea Polyphenols28.58%CompliesVIS
Caffeine 5.45%UV-VIS
AssayInstant Black Tea≥28.58%28.58% 
MicrobialTotal Plate Count≤3000CFU/g230CPh.
Yeast &Mould≤50CFU/g<10CPh.
Coliform Bacteria MPN/100g≤30Negative 
ElseStorage conditionSealed,  Keep in  a  shady  & dry  place
Shelf lifeTwo  years

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